Privacy Policy

In accordance with articles 13 and 14 of the European Regulation 2016/679, General Regulation on Data Protection (hereafter “GDPR”), with particular reference to personal data which are, or will be, into possession of the Data Keeper, Marble&More srl “Unip.” hereby provides the following information:

1. Personal data
Personal data provided to our company as per GDPR art. 4 n. 1) will be treated in accordance with the present policy, and in compliance with the current legislation on protection of personal data.

2. Purposes
Data will be processed for institutional purposes, connected or instrumental to Marble&More srl “Unip.” activities, in particular:
A. for purposes strictly connected to the management of contractual relationships whose processing is compulsory to the execution of the Contract whereas the involved person plays a part (GDPR Article 6 letter B).
B. for the fulfillment of the Data Keeper of all obligations established by laws and regulations (GDPRArticle 6 letter c) (legal obligations);
C. to communicate and / or send advertising material (hereby included by computerized means), general and commercial information through telephone channels, SMS, e-mail, fax, whose legal basis lies in the explicit consent of the interested party (GDPR Article 6 letter a) for the meaning of direct marketing purposes;
D. to communicate the data to Marble&More srl “Unip.”, commercial partners within and outside the European Union, for both computerized and not computerized sending of advertising material through telephone channels, SMS, e-mail, fax, whose base legal status lies in the explicit consent of the involved party (Article 6 letter a) of the GDPR) – marketing purposes with Business partners;
E. to identify consumers’ habits and inclinations through browsing data collected through the use of cookies, whose legal basis also lies in the explicit consent of the involved party. (GDPR Article 6 letter a) – profiling purposes.

3. Data communication
Personal data may be disclosed to companies offering administrative, logistical, IT, accounting, consultancy and marketing services for the purposes described under n.2 Chapter hereby. Furthermore, Marble&More srl “Unip.”, upon specific request, is entitled to communicate the data to whichever competent Authorities for the fulfillment of the obligations imposed by law.

4. Transfer of data outside the European Union
Personal data may be transferred outside the European Union by service providers used byMarble&More srl “Unip.” for all activities related and described by n. 2 c, d, and e hereby. For the above, please pay special attention to the acceptance of the cookie policy on our website (GDPR article 49).

5. Nature of the provision of data
The consent to data processing for the purposes referred to in the previous chapters 2.A) and 2.B) must not necessarily be expressed, as it falls within the principles of lawfulness of data treatment, pursuant to GDPR art. 6. The consent to data processing referred to as per chapter 2.C), 2.D) and 2.E) hereby, on the other hand, is non-compulsory, and any refusal will preventMarble&More srl “Unip.” from exchanging commercial communications, profiling or communicating data to partners for commercial purposes.

6. Processing methods
Data will be processed both in hard copy and in electronic form in either computerized or not computerized mode, whether directly and / or through third parties, as above. The processing of personal data is carried out by the means as explained by GDPR art. 4 n. 2), more precisely: collection, registration, organization, storage, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, cancellation and destruction of data.

7. Security
Security measures taken to protect personal data against the risk of loss, mistreatment and alteration include, inter alia, secure access (password protected) to data electronically stored, and placement in locked containers within reserved areas for hard copy material.

8. Retention period
Personal data retained for the purposes as described in chapters nr 2. A, B, C and D hereby, will be treated for the time necessary to fulfill the aforementioned purposes – in any case, for a maximum of 10 years from the termination of the relationship. As far as the purposes referred to as per chapter E, please refer to the current cookie policy in force on our website.

9. Data Keeper and Data Protection Officer
Keeper of Data is: Marble&More srl “Unip.”, located at Via Umbria nr 2 – 55045 Pietrasanta (LU), ITALY; any communication regarding security of personal data will have to be addressed at the following email address:

10. Rights of the interested party
The interested party may exercise his / her rights towards the Data Keeper at any time, pursuant to art. 15-21. of the GDPR. In particular, each individual has the right to access his/her own personal data, modify or delete data, set limits to the treatment of his/her data, and/or to the movability of their data.
All rights can be exercised in writing to the following email address:

The involved party is also granted the right to file a complaint with the Italian ‘Autorità Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali’.