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We’re driven by passion. Passion is what guides us through the days maintaining a positive attitude while conveying our enthusiasm to those who choose to work with us.


Each of our customers rely on the accuracy of our information, the reliability of our structure and the professional attitude we display.


Years of experience gained us a deep knowledge of the market, so that our customers will get advantage from our expertise, combined with commercially valid proposals.

Not only a long experience and a strong knowledge in the stone field

Marble & More started as a company specialized in the trade of stone materials.A few years later, thanks to the founder’s passion and experience in the equestrian field, Marble & More gained a significant space in showjumping competitions, as well as in the breeding and trading of showjumping horses.

Our Roots

Our roots lie in centuries of stone excavation and processing.A true art craft, hidden between the dark of grottos and quarries, and the brightest light of the white, sloping marble dumpsters (italian slang, “ravaneti” ). That’s where a combination of heroism, fatigue and sacrifices from the quarrymen come together, tenaciously and skillfully cutting our mountains in pieces, day by day, into small blocks which are then sent out there, in the world.

Excavation and Processing

Today, as in the past, marble is extracted from the mountains in the shape of blocks. Modern era produced new equipment, and more sophisticated excavation systems allow the industry to produce the minimum damage both to material and environment. As of these days, diamond wire saws and diamond cutting machines cut blocks and reduce them to common commercial measures.

Marble Blocks

What from a distance may looks like a gargantuan staircase, in a quarry, is in fact a series of marble steps, up to ten meters high and more. Each one of large steps is a gigantic marble plateau, the inside of the mountain which gets exposed after cutting the blocks, which are then taken away.

What remains is still marble, attached to the mountain.
Our main goal is checking the quality of the many blocks, and purchase only the best, so to ensure our customers a selection of the highest quality materials.

From the Quarry to the Valley

Blocks are carried from the quarry to the workshops by heavy payload vehicles.

From Blocks to Slabs

Marble sawmills and workshops is where blocks of marble are transformed into slabs.
Blocks are unloaded by cranes in storage areas and subsequently placed on steel trolleys which will carry them into large gang saws. Thus positioned, the block will raise up to the blades in sync with the horizontal movement of the forward blades.

At the end of the cutting operations, the cart will automatically drop, and the marble slabs will be subdivided into ‘bundle’ groups (italian slang, ‘pastelli’), each one carrying slabs of similar measurement.